WELCOME to the interactive blog site inspired by and dedicated to the art and imagination of artist, Mark Whitcombe. Here, you can view some of Whitcombe's work, as well as openly explore and take part in his amazing world. Feel free to post a thought, reflection, poem or story about the featured pieces. Be creative. Enjoy!

About the blogsite

Whitcombe's artistry is the product of a very practiced imagination; a place where childlike dreams come out to play without restraint. Each piece is like an illustration belonging to a story that has yet to be read aloud. Mark has a particular fondness and a knack for storytelling and abstract observation. Here, you can interact with some of his most favorite and celebrated works and submit your own creations inspired by his own.
Feel free to submit a short story, poem or reflection. This is meant to be a creative and open space forum for storytellers and dreamers of all ages. 

Thank you for your interest and contribution.

Travis Greenlee (site creator)