WELCOME to the interactive blog site inspired by and dedicated to the art and imagination of artist, Mark Whitcombe. Here, you can view some of Whitcombe's work, as well as openly explore and take part in his amazing world. Feel free to post a thought, reflection, poem or story about the featured pieces. Be creative. Enjoy!

Praise and Recognition

"Whitcombe's world presents us with a view of life where most of us have never gone in our imagination. He creates a world where a city exists on a ship, where boats fly in the air or reside on the roof, where a beautiful woman is an island that sailing ships set as their destiny, where a tunnel has the shape of a face and a centaur sits right outside it with a beautiful naked woman draped on his back, where a giant nude woman travels across rooftops while an artist sketches her -- where a canvas brings to life different times in places far away, like Egypt." 

-Elliot Glick (owner of Starving Artist Studio & Gallery, City Island, NY)

"Since I was a child, Mark's work (most especially his etchings) have captivated my attention and filled my own imagination. I remember spending countless hours, going from room to room of our house in the Bronx staring into the different dreamscapes of Mr. Whitcombe's world. I would to make up my own stories about them and tell them to my younger siblings. Today, I use them to inspire creative writing among my students." 

- Travis Greenlee (Middle School Teacher, Washington DC)

"This is awesome! After looking at this blog, I realized I also have many Mark Whitcombe drawings up throughout my house that my dad got at some point, and they have been equally enchanting for me."  

- Jay Sullivan (Annapolis, Maryland)

"How wonderful that you have incorporated Mark's work in your desire to equally benefit Mark and society regarding his unusal artistry. I have often felt that his written words, added to his paintings were so clever - at times impish, definitely under appreciated, were equally charming.. I hope in his bio, his art- education is listed. A brainy, gifted guy!"

- Fay Jordaens (City Island, New York)