WELCOME to the interactive blog site inspired by and dedicated to the art and imagination of artist, Mark Whitcombe. Here, you can view some of Whitcombe's work, as well as openly explore and take part in his amazing world. Feel free to post a thought, reflection, poem or story about the featured pieces. Be creative. Enjoy!

Submission Starters

The 5 W's
Using the 5w's is the most fundamental way to look at a situation and decipher its meaning.  It can be a crucial tool when devising the foundation for great piece of writing, whether it be informative or creative.  Try it out.

Who is in this picture?  Who lives in this world?

What is this place?  What is it called? What is going on in the picture?  What is the reason for the scene?

Where is it?  Is it a place that you have been to before?  A place you've always wanted to go?  A place no one has ever heard of?

When is it? What time of day?  Time of year?  Is it just before a rain?  Or perhaps a storm?

Why is this particular scene or place so special?

The 5 Senses
Like the 5W's, when writing creatively, use your five senses (smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight) as a guide.  Each of the five senses can convey emotion and feeling and is an essential piece to the entire puzzle.  By keeping them all in mind and by using your words to satisfy each sense, you can create beautiful and very powerful imagery for the reader.

Just as Whitcombe has represented his senses visually, you can give voice to those expressions through your words and interpretation.  If someone were to step into that world, what would they be able to smell in the air?  What sounds would they hear?  If it's raining, how would the raindrops feel on their skin?  Describe what you see?