WELCOME to the interactive blog site inspired by and dedicated to the art and imagination of artist, Mark Whitcombe. Here, you can view some of Whitcombe's work, as well as openly explore and take part in his amazing world. Feel free to post a thought, reflection, poem or story about the featured pieces. Be creative. Enjoy!


Manhattan Ark

Entry: At one time, our city was great- shiny, beautiful, bustling with energy.  There were dreams of glory and people of such fresh vision for what we would and could be.  Though, at first, our future had meaning and purpose, it soon became toxic- plans got out of hand, money became the communication as well as the cause for miscommunication, competition rang out like a bell, no task was too big, no possibility too great.  

Then, suddenly one day, just like that...silence...It had all come to an end and the bottom had fallen away.  There was so much and, yet, nothing left...but the remnants, the dregs, the carcass of greed, a city that once was and could have been.  Now the Arks, sitting aloft over Manhattan; those colossal unfinished reminders of big arrogant dreams, the dead and dying, casualties of war, ships wrecked.  My, what has become of us?


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